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Chairman - Brian Wiser (h) 831-0791 (c) 372-8133

Meeting Dates:
Basketball Meeting Dates

All meetings from 7:15-8:15 p.m. at  Decatur Central High School (click link for map), 5251 Kentucky Avenue,  Indianapolis  IN  46221, unless otherwise designated.  Newer officials meeting will be at 6:15 p.m.

Mon., Oct. 20 ?Topic: Season preparation
Thur., Oct. 23 ?Topic: Coaches' panel discussion
Mon., Oct. 27 ?Topic: Positioning fundamentals
Wed., Oct. 29 ?Topic: Play calling fundamentals
Mon., Nov. 3 ?Topic: Preventative officiating/mental training
Mon., Nov. 10 ?Topic: Team officiating
Mon., Nov. 17 ?Topic: Effective communication
Mon., Dec. 1 ?Topic: Professionalism
Mon., Dec. 15

Test Review

Mon., Jan. 12


Mon., Feb. 2 Tournament Preparation

Last updated, October 27, 2014

Basketball News:
Basketball News
2014 IOA Basketball Class (Five Thursdays Sept. 11 through Oct. 9)
Click Here for the basketball class registration form

Below is a message from the IHSAA Assistant Commissioner:

Please pass this information on to your basketball chairpersons so that they can disseminate it to the other basketball officials.

- There seems to be confusion about the headband rule, specifically how pre-wrap is to be judged. Please refer to the slide that I have attached, it is also on the basketball page on .org, and can be found on page 70 in the NFHS Basketball Rules Book. Any item that goes around the entire head (elastic strips/bands, pre-wrap, headbands, etc.) shall meet the rule requirements regarding color, maximum size, logo restrictions, and team uniformity. In short, if it goes around the head it is a headband; if it goes around the hair it is hair control.

- Officials should never take a game where they are the sole person contracted for that contest. This practice is against IHSAA by-laws and officials should not put themselves, the school and especially the student-athletes in such a position. One person will never adequately cover the situations that are bound to happen in a contest (all levels).

- Points of emphasis are chosen because over a number of seasons, officials and coaches have ignored those rules. Regardless of whether you agree with the point of emphasis, as an official it is your responsibility to enforce the rules as they are written. There is a mechanism in place whereby we can make proposals for change. This process should be used to make changes if you feel very strongly about a particular rule. The proposal can be sent to me with the rationale and we will get it to NFHS.

- IHSAA approved uniform for basketball officials two areas that need to be stressed - all black shoes are required and the shirt with the black panels down the sides is not acceptable and should not be worn.

- Part 2 of the basketball test along with the Articles of Agreement will be sent out December 1. If you have not received these by the end of the week please let me know.

- Additional games will not be accepted after December 15


Click for the Basketball referee rotations for Sectional and Regional
Click Here to download an Alternate Score Sheet.



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