Hello IHSAA/IOA Soccer Referees (and those that want to be),

Spring is in the air! 

This message goes out to over 1,000 soccer officials in Indiana.

Please let this message serve as notice that 16 IHSAA soccer certification clinics (2016-17) have been posted for our soccer officials.  These clinics will be run in conjunction with member schools and summer league/tournament play.  This format offers LIVE games by which to better train our officials.  We will have qualified clinicians (4 per field) at each site. 

All levels of officials will take part in these clinics.  It is the obligation of ALL to assist one another with the improvement in the quality of officiating across the state.  Consider these clinics an opportunity to improve your own work as well as assist with others.   

A reminder that your attendance at one such clinic every other year is required to maintain your Certified Status.  Please see the listing below of ALL requirements to accomplish “Certified” status in order to obtain consideration for Tournament series assignment:

Requirements of Soccer Certified Status & Tournament Assignment:

  •          Hold a valid IHSAA officiating license in the sport of Soccer
  •          Attend the current years’ online Rules Interpretation meeting
  •          Be a current member of one or more of the 24 Indiana Officials’ Associations
  •          Attend an IHSAA Certification Clinic every 2 years
  •          Successfully complete (90% or better) the Part II NFHS exam
  •          Work a minimum of 10 games (Boys and Girls combined)
  •          Submit an application for tournament work


Registration for attendance at the clinic of your choice should be completed one week prior to the clinic date.  At that time the registration will close for organizational purposes. 

The list of the sites, dates, and times for the clinics and the registration link can be found on the IHSAA Central Hub within the Clinics Tab in the right column. 

Should it be necessary to change your registration, you may do so by simply re-entering the same link and selecting a new clinic.  The program will dynamically remove you from your first choice and add you to the roster of your new preference.

Link to IHSAA Central Hub & Clinic Listings:

We look forward to working with you this summer!

Sandra Walter

IHSAA Assistant Commissioner


Charles Roland 3rd,

Soccer Chairperson


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