On July 16, 2012, the Indiana Officials Association Board approved the amount of $4000 to be distributed at the discretion of Student Scholarship Committee. The committee can distribute funds, divide amounts, give a single and/or multiple awards, as they deem best. The scholarship(s) will be presented at the annual awards banquet in March. This award is given to a son or daughter whose parent is a member in good standing of the Indiana Officials Association for three consecutive years prior to the application date.

An applicant must display the characteristics that an official must exemplify; such as devotion, responsibility, cooperation, understanding, enthusiasm, honesty, and a sense of humor.


  • Applicants must be a senior in high school who ranks in the upper 25% of his class or a college undergraduate who has a B (3.0) average or higher

  • An official transcript of grades must be included with the application, which includes the first seven semesters of high school and class rank or the most recent fall semester of college. 

  • Applicants must be making definite plans to further their education in their chosen field.

  • Applicants must need necessary entrance requirements in the institution of their choice (proper credits, etc.)

  • An applicant can win the scholarship only once

Application Process
Applications will be available from any Scholarship Committee member beginning on November 1, 2014. Completed applications are due to Lee Thompson, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee by February 1, 2017.

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Scholarship Committee
Lee Thompson, Chairman
John Disney
Jim Fish
Jon Regashus
Ed Roush
Steve Taylor

Past IOA Student Scholarship Recipients

Travis Bauer - son of Joe Bauer
Nathan Magnuson - son of Terry Magnuson
Kylie McGlothlin - daughter of Steve McGlothlin
Olivia Roudebush - daughter of Ryan Roudebush

Andrew Marr - son of Jeff Marr
Andrew Medsker - son of Andy Medsker
Samantha Sparks - daughter of Craig Sparks
Maggie Wilson - daughter of Scott Wilson

Karley Beam - daughter of Paul Beam
Rebecca Ilnicki - daughter of Fred Ilnicki
Mitchell Prather - son of Brad Prather
Jamelyn Wieder - daughter of J.K. Wieder

Sam Schinderle - son of Denis Schinderle
Jerel Taylor - son of Terry Taylor

Lori Nichols - daughter of Rex Nichols
Katherine Williams - daughter of Jeff Williams

Jamie Lydick – daughter of Mike Lydick
Kaitlin Wieder - daughter of J.K. Wieder

Kyle Dickerson – son of Dwaine Dickerson
Kristen Kleifgen - daughter of Chris Kleifgen

Lindsey Frech - daughter of Mike Frech
Elainna Kish - daughter of David Kish

Scott Bostick Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Magnuson - daughter of Terry Magnuson
Scott Schinderle - son of Denis Schinderle

Allison Ihrie - daughter of Dan Ihrie
Lacey Oliver - daughter of Rick Oliver

Amanda Dickerson - daughter of Dwaine Dickerson
Gregory Magnuson - son of Terry Magnuson

IOA Memorial Scholarship
Jason Brandyberry – son of Jim Brandyberry
Jessica Stang – daughter of Dennis Stang

Danielle Frazier – daughter of Earl Frazier
Courtney Taylor – daughter of Steve Taylor

David Simons – son of Gordon Simons
Sara Tebbe – daughter of Ray Tebbe

Lucia Beeson – daughter of Jim Beeson
Karen Tebbe – daughter of Ray Tebbe

Christine Sego – daughter of Robert Sego
Jacqueline Stang – daughter of Dennis Stang

Andrea Roush – daughter of Ed Roush
Christine Singelais – daughter of Robert Singelais

Lori Holder – daughter of Roger Holder
Amy Thompson – daughter of Lee Thompson

Amy McCormick – daughter of Larry Maxwell